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About us

We welcome all industry consumers of the pressurizing materials!

The "Volga Region Plant of Mastics and Sealants" as a production company successfully working in the industry of construction and automobile materials since 2001. Now our enterprise has a wide range of butyl tapes, bituminous mastics and materials for waterproofing jobs, and also a road docking tapes.

Main types of production and scopes of use:

Our advantages

Доставка по всей России

Delivery anywhere in Russia

Competitive prices, wide assortment, efficiency of deliveries in any region of Russia, delivery to the transport company - free

Высокая адгезия бутила

High adhesion of butyl

The adhesion of butyl to all surfaces (concrete, brick, melall etc.) Is different for the better part

Отсутствие в составе мела

Modifying components

The presence of several modifying components is positively affecting the preservation of the properties of the sealant over time

Application of mastics and sealants

Ленты для монтажа окон и сэндвич-панелей

Tapes for mounting windows and "sandwich panels"

Мастики для межпанельных швов

Mastics for interpanel seams

Гидроизоляция фундаментов

Waterproofing of foundations

Гидроизоляция кровли

Waterproofing of the roofs