TU 5772-004-69068276-2011


The tape "Plastilent  LM L" completely conforms to requirements with standards of GOST 30971-2002 " for seams of assembly knots and for adjunctions of window blocks to a wall apertures".




Short description

The self-adhesive steam-isolation , heat-reflecting  butyl-caoutchouc tape, is reinforced by metallized film on one the sides. To be applied under sill of a window, and also for sealing  interfaces of elements of translucent designs among themselves, seams indoors, in front of systems with light metalworks. The wide range of standard sized  tape allows you to choose material for the protection of seams of any particular size. The tape is delivered in rolls. When using the steam-isolating  tapes "Plastilent" provides reliable protection of polyurethane foam against moistening that comes from the room and also by that interferes with loss of condensate on a surface of internal slopes.


Application of the tapes "Plastilent L LM" at installation of windows

The tape "Plastilent L LM" is ready to application and doesn't demand during its installation any special tools. The lower surface of a window opening needs to be cleared of old construction material and/or dust,by brush. If the surface of a window openings are damaged, it needs to be restored. It is very important to paste a tape densely on all its length. Any gap or a thinness would be a place for penetration into polyurethane foam of moisture from room air. It is necessary to apply a tape with an overlap. It is recommended to paste a  tape before full expansion of polyurethane foam. The tape needs to be cut out on an leveled surface. The overall tape length dimensions should be with additional width for over the window block for sealing of a corner of an aperture that provides reliable vapor barrier. The window boxes are placed in aperture, and it's exposed on the level of a plumb and  secured by fasteners to the walls. The tape from both ends (lengthways in the middle) needs an incision of the length, that equals half of the width..Further  the (anti-adhesive) paper strips protecting a glue need to be removed on one side of the tape, and the tape fastens to a box of a window design. Prepared incision ends are bent and must be pasted on side slopes. At the second stage of assembly the gaps to be  filled with polyurethane foam. Remove anti-adhesive paper strips and pasted to the lower surface of a window box, thus all ends of the incision are bended onto the sides of the slopes, and bends are overflowed on that side of  tape, which are already pasted. Further the window sill is to be assembled.


Choice of width of the tape "Plastilent L LM"

The recommended width of a tape is selected as follows: width of an assembly gap plus add 40 mm (width of glue strips of a tape). An example conditional designation at the order: A tape assembly LM of l 45х1,5, where 45 mm – width of a butyl tape, 1,5 mm – tape thickness.


Transportation and storage conditions.

The tape of Plastilent of LM of l is packed into corrugated box and transported by any kind of transport in the conditions providing  protection against influence of an atmospheric precipitation, mechanical damages.



Technical characteristics of the tape "Plastilent L LM"
Penetration of 0,1 mm within 30-130
Durability of contact with metal when flaking not less than 150 N/m (0,15kgfs/cm)
Durability of contact with concrete, at a separation not less than 0,1MPas
Water absorption no more than 0,3%
The minimum temperature of installation is-15 Celsius
Temperature of operation is from-60 to 90 Celcius
Longevity of service not less than 10 years