TU 5772-004-69068276-2011


Is used for sealing, hydro-protection, anticorrosive protection, protection against the UF radiation, seams of interpanel connections of construction designs, other any surfaces, including a mastic roof on the basis of butyl rubber, polyurethane foam and other materials, and also for protection of pipelines and tanks.


Mastic "PLASTILENT-M” can be used for the production and repair of double-glazed windows, joints of the buildings window, greenhouses and other window designs.


Provides high degree of adhesion to concrete, marble, glass, a tree, metal, plastic and other materials, gains durability without adding special agents or heating, ready to be used at ambient temperatures.


The mastic is rot-resistant, also keeps the operational properties in various climatic areas at temperatures from-50 to + 80o Celsius.


Appearance: soft plastics mass of gray color ready to application. The consistence and color of mastic can be changed at the request of the customer.

Packing: metal reels 20kg and 50 kg. In coordination with the consumer  packing of mastic can be made in any other container.


Name of indicators Norma
Penetration, the 10-1st within 30-130
Durability of association with metal during the flaking of N/m, (kgf/cm) not less than 150 (0,15)
Durability of association with concrete at a separation, MPa not less than 0,1
Water absorption, % no more than 0,3