Currently, the sandwich panels are successfully used as walling (wall and roof), interior walls in buildings, industrial and public buildings (warehouses, sports complexes, gas stations, shopping malls, buildings, boilers, etc.)


When mounting sandwich panels, it is require additional sealing places junction entering the "danger zone" of external negative factors such as moisture, sunlight.





Sealing butyl-caoutchouc tape PLASTILENT necessary in the areas of:


  • at the junction of one panel to another, of the locking perimeter of the seam on the outside part of the panel - LK tape, tourniquet (with two adhesive mounting strips):
  • for sealing battens and other shaped elements - LM L tape (reinforced metalized film), tape LM NP (reinforced nonwoven fabric);


  • to reduce the possible moisture air permeability wall by relying on structures - LM tape insulation (foam reinforced izola), tape LM L (reinforced metallized film across the width).
  • sealing of joints of window and door units (protection of foam from breaking if the design provides for its application)
  • A) to the inner side of the room - the tape LM oak (reinforced nonwoven fabric assembly with two adhesive strips on two sides), the tape LW np (reinforced nonwoven fabric over the entire width) tape LM l (reinforced metallized film across the width).
  • B) on the outer side - LM dif tape (tape-reinforced breathable nonwoven fabric with two component adhesive strips on one or both sides).
  • to seal the gap between the supporting structure and sandwich panels - LM tape insulation (foam reinforced izola).